Apr 20, 2021

Excelerra vs. HubSpot: Which CRM is Better?

Excelerra vs. HubSpot: Which CRM is Better?

Today, businesses from numerous industries cannot fathom the thought of managing customer relationships without reliable CRM software. In simple terms, customer relationship management is all about data. As technological advances usher us into a new era, more complicated and powerful CRM tools are becoming standard.

That said, with a multitude of CRM applications available, it can be exhausting for a business to choose the best option. Whether you opt for the most popular choice or a new game-changer in the market, that choice can change the course of your business in the foreseeable future.

For comparative analysis, here is a showdown of HubSpot vs. Excelerra:

Collective Features

Over the years, HubSpot has been trying to keep up with the new automation features. Although it does have impressive automation features such as predictive lead score, task automation, and email sequences, most of these features are only available on expensive higher plans.

Conversely, Excelerra allows for extensive automation with the basic plan. Excelerra has an attuned set of features that involves calendar integration, built-in triggers, task automation, email and activity sequences, and client outreach along with many other features that are included or can be added all within the monthly licensing fee. Additionally, one of the best features of Excelerra would be real-time analytics of sales data and revenue numbers. Excelerra speaks with software, such as QuickBooks, to allow you to track sales amount in real-time and avail more revenue opportunities.


Switching screens back and forth in HubSpot can be time-consuming. In fact, it takes a lot of time to understand how to navigate the menu and submenus. Alternatively, Excelerra is user friendly and rather intuitive. Furthermore, Excelerra is customizable for you without the need for a specialized developer. For instance, if you want to combine different business goals, you can modify the interface that caters to your needs with a quick click of a button. Sales processes, lingo, content, and much more is all fully customizable for you to complete quickly and easily.

Dashboard & Reporting

Yes, HubSpot provides better reporting and dashboard mechanism than, say, Pardot. However, the navigation of information on the dashboard can be tricky. A dependable CRM solution should be able to customize your information. And HubSpot lacks that perfection.

Comparatively, Excelerra allows you better integration options so you can take control of your sales pipeline. From tracking sales growth to assigning different revenue amounts, the real-time instant insight of Excelerra is modern and sophisticated. You can get updated reports and change your sales plan without affecting your revenue pipeline.

User Interface

It is arguably the first thing you notice when it comes to HubSpot. From the sales dashboard to the huge navigational menu, the user interface is neat. However, different suite packages come with varying options of access. Furthermore, the typical timeline of contact records can come across confusing to new users.

With Excelerra, on the other hand, you get complete access with a comprehensive dashboard view that breaks your sales performance into four major parts with detailed widgets in the categories of New Business Acquisition, Sales Dashboard, Activity Dashboard, and Portfolio Management. Whether you are a seasoned pro or sales novice, the user interface will come across quite straightforward and incredibly productive. Users can arrange and keep an eye on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual sales progress.

Pricing Strategy

For many businesses, the price tag of HubSpot may be out of the question.

Excelerra prides itself on being the most robust CRM software for the least amount of upfront and ongoing cost. Excelerra offers monthly and as well as an annual subscription. The idea is to help businesses choose a billing cycle that is more suitable for their needs. Additionally, you can get a personalized demo to see a visual demonstration of how features work with no pressure and no obligation.


The popular CRM solutions seemed to have forgotten that most businesses do not have engineers or technical experts on speed-dial at all times. Besides, users should be able to make relevant customizations in a heartbeat. Though HubSpot does have numerous customization choices, it does require proficiency.

With Excelerra, you can customize the software despite your skill set. We believe that all functional and impactful processes within a CRM should be fully customizable to meet the needs of each specific business. Rather than build your own software or spend countless amounts of money on customizing HubSpot or like competitors, simply take 15 minutes or less to go through the settings menu and customize the fields to fit your business needs. Don’t want to customize? We can handle it for you at no additional cost!

Final Verdict

If your company is currently using a CRM software and the results are not as good as you had hoped in the beginning, it is time to make a change with a dynamic CRM solution like Excelerra.

HubSpot undeniably has popularity on its side, but its advanced integration capabilities can be hard for new business users to master as well as cost prohibitive and restrictive in its usage.

So long as you want to communicate and operate flawlessly, Excelerra may be the right CRM solution you need in order to realize your true business potential.

Excelerra is much more cost-efficient, easy-to-use, offers better KBI tracking, and real-time data integration that will allow you to make smart and calculated decisions to reach the right target audience.

Connect with the right prospects at the right time. Every time.

Excelerra’s built-in sales process and real-time analytics provide the deeper insights you need to manage and grow your business. Sign up today and discover how easy it is to streamline your sales process and make smarter decisions.