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Discover how we fulfill our mission to bring affordable sales sophistication to the everyday business.

We help salespeople identify blind spots in their business so they can take back control of their sales pipeline.

Driving sales is our specialty. That’s why we designed a straightforward CRM that provides the valuable insights you need to close more deals and generate more revenue. Our built-in customization allows you to modify your interface to align with your business goals, and our comprehensive dashboards feature real-time data and analytics so you can focus on your best revenue-driving opportunities.

Excelerra is invested in your success and we believe in your potential. That’s why we assign each team its own dedicated success manager to help you get up and running so you can start growing your business. We also provide resources like personalized demos and our Sales Playbook to teach you how to execute your sales process and get the most out of Excelerra’s unique features and benefits.

About Excelerra team

We don’t believe you need expensive software or years of experience to turn a profit.

Excelerra first opened its doors as a consulting firm for small-to-medium businesses. We quickly discovered that the majority of our clients had one problem in common: they needed sales consulting to achieve their business goals and KBIs, but they couldn’t afford to keep executive sales staff on their books. As a result, they were using the most basic versions of cost-prohibitive software (or draining their budgets paying for software they couldn’t afford).

At Excelerra, we don’t believe you need expensive software or years of experience to turn a profit. Our CRM is designed to provide you with the deep insights and accessibility of a sophisticated sales engine at a price that’s right for you.

The best part? Our platform will walk your sales staff through the sales process, step by step, to teach your team the right behaviors to take with your customers at the right time. Our software is designed to be accessible to everyone, whether your team is made up of novice salespeople or seasoned executives. If you’re ready to transform your business, sign up for Excelerra today.

Excelerra enables you to work smarter. Not harder.

Our customizable dashboards, built-in sales process, and real-time analytics provide deeper insights to help you drive the KBIs that matter. Take control of your sales pipeline. Sign up for Excelerra today.